Counselor Michel Salloum and his wife Laure attended the Seventh Internationl Prison Conference that was held in Toronto, under the leadership of Ron Nickel

Topics covered at the Conference include:
- Biblical view of Justice and Mercy
- Mental Health problems that Prisoners and their families face
- UN Basic Principles on Restorative Justice
- Circles / Mediums of Accountability and Support
- HIV/AIDS Prevention
- Prison Ministry through Music
- Developing a Mentoring Program for Juvenile   Offenders
- Conflict Resolution
- Basic Communication Skills in Difficult Relationships
- Fundraising
- Fellowship with Jesus

The Conference included as well theatrical plays, musical choirs, and spiritual meditation and prayer.

with Ron Nickel Counselor Michel and his wife
 with a Canadian couple


Jonathan (Britain's former Finance Minister), gives his testimony , and shares how the Lord has worked in his life while in prison, and how he saved him.

With Chuck Colson




Counselor Michel along with his wife Laure, attended the 8th Convocation of Prison Fellowship International in Canada.
The theme was " Where Love and Justice Meet"

Counselor Michel shares some testimonies
Ron Nikkel, President
Michel and Laure with
Charles Colson
With the Lebanese flag