The most important of Prison Ministry services that the Evangelical Council is involved, in addition to the spiritual tack, is the social rehabilitation of prisoners to enable them find work once they are released.
In the prison of Tripoli for women, we have cooperated with "Norton" company, for the establishment of a center that provides certificates of completion for English language and computer skills, that will help the trained prisoners to find decent jobs once they leave the prison gates,
Ten prisoners have registered for the first course, and "Norton" had them registered in the Ministry of Education.


The Evangelical Council invited the First Lady, Mrs. Andre' Emile Lahoud, for a graduation ceremony during which the ten graduates received their certificates of English language and computer.
A reception followed the event.

In addition to computer training, the Evangelical Council played an important role in helping women prisoners learn handiwork. Sincere appreciation goes towards Counselors Lawrence and Shaheedeh who volunteered to train the prisoners respectively on embroidery and needlework.  

The prisoners and their handiwork


Couselors Shaheede,Norma,
Hasiba,and Lawrence