An American delegation visited the Tripoli and Baabda prisons for women giving gifts to prisoners.
During the event, Sister Joy gave her testimony in the prison courtyard in front of all prisoners:
I was homeless, often roaming around in the streets seeking a shelter where I could sleep or a compassionate person who would give me a piece of bread to eat.
For years, I knew what it meant to be hungry, thirsty, cold as well as emotionally and morally drained. I tried to fill my emptiness with drugs, alcohol and outrageous acts that led me to prison, where I spent ten years of my life. It was there that I came to know the Lord as my Savior, and surrendered my life to Him.

Sister Joy invited the prisoners to accept Jesus as their Savior! The impact of her words was quite evident on the faces of her audience.


Sisters Joy and  Sara
testify to the prisoners in Tripoli

The delegation with
counselor Norma

  Distributing gifts

We thank all churches, schools, and other NGO's  who take part in our visits and act as a big support to the ministry. Thanks for sharing the Gospel, sharing their personal testimonies, and offering gifts and personal necessity items

Pastor Frank from GBAid is a very big support to us during all the events that take place in prisons  
The Evangelical Church celebrate Christams with the prisoners in Zahle Sister from The Prespeterian Chruch
Students from the Evangelical school in Zahle  encouraged the prisoners by buying some of their handiwork. Sister form Chruch of God Kfar zabd

It has been a trend every year. The Evangelical Council is accompanied by Grade 10 students from the Beirut Baptist School (BBS) and Rabieh Evangelical school. It is nice to see that these young teenagers cared enough to leave their school and come and spend quality time with them. The interaction is quite unique and memorable for both students and prisoners, with the former learning many a lesson from the mistakes of those who are now behind bars.  Both schools have been keen on raising active community-focused generations who are sensitized to the needs of the people around them. We need more such initiatives in our country.

Students from Beirut Baptist School (BBS) helped by offering some necessity items to the prisoners
Students from Rabieh Evangelical School helped by offering some necessity items to the prisoners

Csathrine Nouneh Moudawar is a also a big support to our ministry, she and her sister Liliane came all over from the States to visit the prisoners and offer them free hair-cuts, night gowns and other personal items.