I came to this world expecting to take part in all that God richly provides for our enjoyment (1Tim6:17).  Yet, somehow something is missing, and “enjoyment” does not seem part of the package – at least from my corner of the world, behind the bars of the prison cell where my mum and I live. The nights are so very cold, the place is so humid and smelly and the floor is so rough and hard.  I miss the comfort and peace that I had when I was still in my mum’s belly – I wish I can crawl back in!  It is so noisy out here.  The loud aggressive voices are so unbearable – making me jump every time my eye lids start to droop.  I shudder to think of what can be behind all this shouting.  I have a crippling fear all the time – and can’t seem to be able to sleep anymore. 

I can’t tell you how awful does it feel when my diapers desperately need changing … yet I cling to them knowing that I don’t have the luxury of a clean one.  What pains me more is the look in my mum’s eyes knowing that she is unable to make things easier of me.

Once,  I heard such statements like “child’s rights” and  “ the best interests of  a child ” … they sounded very reassuring!  I didn’t particularly understand what they referred to but they sure sounded good! They gave me the impression that “I matter” and that people will do their best that I get what is due to me as a child created in the image of God.  I probably misunderstood. What would I know – after all, I’m just an infant who has seen nothing of the world except for the three-walled cell room where my mum and I live.

But then again, I think of you – my caring friends – I realize that the Lord has His eye on me and is reaching out to me through you.  Thank you!  May God bless you as you attempt to brighten my life and make me see a glimpse of what the Lord has in store for me and for my enjoyment.                                                                                                                                               

Here is where I sleep (baby J.) Baby J. With his mum and counselor Farid
This is my bed (Baby A.) Baby A. with his mother and counselor Yara
Baby A. With counselor Hoda  Baby A. With counselor Hoda and Norma Baby A. With counselor Nazih
Baby C With counselor Hoda Baby R With counselor Hassiba Baby R With counselor Erlyne
Baby B With counselor Claudetter Baby B With counselor Lena Baby S. With counselors Farid
Baby F With counselors Shams and Ghina Baby F With counselors Hassiba and Lena Baby J With counselors Farid and Lena