We always like to keep good relationship with the prisoners once they are released from prison, Counselor Norma invited a number of former prisoners to have lunch together.
It was a blessed day indeed, during which they all exchanged helpful and constructive conversations.
Amongst those was former prisoner R, who now publicly declares her faith.  (Read testimony)
R. visits the Tripoli prison, where she was once imprisoned, to share with the prisoners God's work in her life, urging them to repent and turn from their wicked ways.
Today, R. regularly attends church meetings.

They were taught how to do these ceramic flowers while in prison Having coffee after lunch Prisoner W. and her children who lived away from her while she was in prison, the boy was in an orphanage, while the two girls stayed with a friend of hers



The church in Zahle invited some released prisoners to spend with them a day of fellowship where they worshiped the Lord and shared some experiences, also Abdalla who accepted the Lord in prison five years ago  and his family was present with them.

Prisoner A. and his family at the church picnic Worshiping the Lord with released  prisoners Prisoner V. and her son M. don't like to miss any of the church's activities