Baby A. was born on the 9th of February 2005, in the prison of Zahle. She stayed for almost one year in that polluted place, and amongst more than 80 prisoners in one single room. At the age of 12 months, baby A. left with one of the prisoners who were released at that time. This former prisoner took her to her home and took care of her till her mother will finish her sentence, during which counselor Hoda was taking care of her and tries always to supply her needs and accompany her to the doctor to have her routine vaccination.
After 3 years her mother was released from prison, but she didn't want her baby, so she left her at the police, and the later took her to an orphange.knowing that she has no ID card nor a known father.
Counselor Hoda visits her regularly, she tells her stories from the Bible and she takes for her sweets, gifts, and toys.

Baby A. at the gate of the prison

This is her playground in prison

Counselor Hoda gives her a gift on Christmas in prison


A. at the age of 5 years old Counselor Hoda visits her at the orphanage and offers her gifts and sweets, and take her to see
her mother every month for 10 min

A. at the age of 10 years old Counselor Hoda visits her at the orphanage and take for her gifts



When baby H. turned 12 months, her mother entered the prison, and after few months, her dad was imprisoned also, so we had to take her to an orphanage.
Baby H. was born with a medical problem. she has to undergo lots of operation, she has no ID because her mother and father are not married.
Counselor Hoda takes good care of her and she accompanies her once a month to visit her mother in prison, and whenever she takes her to see her mother, she sits by the main entrance and refuses to leave the prison saying : " I don't want to leave my mother, I want to wait for her till she goes out." But the sad thing is when her mother was released from prison, she had to be departed from Lebanon. the father is still in prison, so the young girl H. now stays is in a special institute, she will never be able to see her mother or reunite again because her mother can't come to Lebanon and H. can't go outside Lebanon.  They are seperated again and maybe this time for good.

Baby A. at the hospital

A. is sitting at the door of the prison, eating the chips we gave her, she does not

Counselor Hoda gives the mother of baby H. in the prison of Zahle on Christmas occasion


H. enjoys the samaritian purse gift

H. with counselor Hoda



Baby J. was born in prison and stayed with his mother till he was 18 months old. At that point, it was time to leave his mother and go stay with his sisters and brothers in the orphanage, so it was our also our responsibility to deliver the baby to the orphanage when we distributed the shoeboxes gifts from OCC to the children there. It was a big surprise for his sisters and brothers to see their small brother whom they havenít seen for a long time, so they started crying and screaming. Some were jumping out of joy, with tears in their eyes. It was a very touching and emotional moment.  We did take the opportunity to explain to them that the joy they experience now is just because they received their brother, but that if they receive Jesus in their hearts they will experience a long-term joy. We gave them a picture Bible and they promised to read daily, and we promised them that we would visit them regularly to talk to them and follow up on their spiritual, moral, and personal needs.