Evicted for not being able to pay the rent
Counselor Hoda visited the family accompanied by her husband Fayez. They learnt that the 12-year old son, K, is working in a mechanic blacksmith shop. The eldest sister, M. 16, is working as a housemaid, while her 14 years old sister M. is working in a hospital.
With all of them occupied with different jobs, their youngest sister, R, who is not yet six, has found shelter at a neighbor’s house. The Counselor presented the Word of God to the children and gave them the Holy Bible, in addition to Christian literature.
Assisted by a lawyer, the Counselor and her husband are seeking to visit the village, where the family used to live, which is around 60km away from Zahle, in an attempt to approach the people who had sued the family and convince them to withdraw their complaint. It is our prayer that the Lord may go before us to this village, and soften the hearts of these people.

The boy at the mechanic shop The youngest girl with the neighbor The eldest girl with counselor Hoda


Some Kids stay at the Evangelical Orphanage in Nabaa Al Safa

counselor Huda and brother Allan who is the director of the orphanage where the three girls stay, while their mother is in prison and the father had escaped. The prisoner N.S. is in prison, her kids stay at the orphanage, counselor Hoda visits them regularly. The two girls A. and A. prayed with counselor Hoda and accepted the Lord as their savior and they attend the church meetings regularly.


Families in Bikaa Valley
Counselor Michel  visits the prisoners' families regularly in Bikaa Valley, and other villages in the area.
As he proclaims to reach out to the least of these, Counselor Michel shares the love of Jesus with everyone, and encourages them to keep their trust in the Lord.



Other Families    

Prisoner Z with her kids. she held them dearly and told them that she’s going to get out of prison after few months after having spent 6 years there. She is getting out as a new person with god’s help and she will raise them with love and in the guidance of God.

We have been taking care of the kids of  prisoner Z. who has been in prison for 6 years and we brought the kids to visit their mother, they are sitting in front of the prison anxiously waiting to see their mother, who they only see on occasions.

The kids here are with their eldest sister S. who prayed with counselor Hoda and accepted the Lord and her savior. (Read Testimony) . They all wait at the entrance of the prison to see their mother. 


Prisoner N. when released from prison, he family didn't want her anymore, so she stays in a nursing home. counselor Hoda visits her regularly, reads the Bible for her, she loves listening to hymns so counselor Hoda sends her always some tapes of hymns.

The mother and grand mother are in prison, no one knows who is the father of baby T. he has no ID, he has two brothers but no one knows where are they neither, so we take care of him so he won't be lost as his other two brothers, we took him to a special place where he can have a good treatment and learn good manners and we visit him from time to time.

The mother is in prison and the father had escaped, no one knows where to.
The six kids are in a special instiution, and
counselor Hoda visits them regularly.


    Counselor Hoda offering gifts to the prisoners' kids