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“In all these things we are more than
conquerors through Him that loved us.”
Roman 8: 37


Hundreds of prisoners' families have been displaced because of
the war, seeking for a shelter to survive. More than half a million
refugees have filled the schools and public places. They have neither
food nor clothes.
Furthermore, many are in desperate need for medical care
and medication.

The majority of the prisoners' families were among the huge number
of people who have completely lost their houses,which aggravates
the situation of the prisoner who is eagerly and daily waiting to find
out about his family.

Witnessing all of these events, it’s evident that we shouldn’t
be mere spectators of the prisoners’ families’ grief and sorrow.
The Evangelical Council had initiated a team of around 10 volunteers
to work around the clock providing emergency assistance and relief
services to the displaced and distressed families.
Many of the families have sought refuge in overcrowded shelters,
schools, and in public areas, with very limited access to even
the most basic necessities for survival like water, food, electricity,
not to mention those suffering from illnesses and diseases as
a result of the dust, humidity, and poor hygiene in their places of

By visiting and providing them with relief, we can build contacts
and most importantly show them God’s love. It’s also significant to
mingle with them, listen to their troubles, and encourage them.
The Evangelical Council has expanded its work in the field more
than ever; where all counselors suspended their work and dedicated
their time to reach out and help the displaced families of the prisoners 
to ensure both the families' and the prisoners’ spiritual and social well being.

May God bless you as
your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”


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