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The Prison Ministry in Lebanon started in 1985, and needless to say, that you like to join us with our joy for the growth of the Lord's ministry and the spreading of His kingdom.

The ministry is carried out by 15 brothers and sisters assigned to male and female  prisons. And it covers 20 prisons spread all over the country.
These prisons accommodate 7500 male and 350 female prisoners of various categories and ages.

The prisoners stay in rooms where only little windows can be spotted, to symbolize the sole hope for them.
Behind the bars, prisoners impatiently await and anticipate the counselors' arrival so that they can feel that someone loves them and shows sympathy towards their situation.

The ministry also covers prisoners' families.

Our main purpose is presenting the gospel, so that many may be saved
and have eternal life. Our secondary purpose includes legal services in courts, social and humanitarian services such as providing medicines and food to prisoners and their families.
We strongly believe that, providing the prisoners with, at least, a small part of personal humanistic needs, facilitates the spiritual reach.
It also creates a close and friendly relationship between the counselors and the prisoners.
Moreover, it establishes confidence and hope in the prisoners' heart that there is still some people who still have some love and care for them.


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