Christmas and Easter Events


During the Holidays, the Evangelical Council visit all these prisons in Lebanon; and give out gifts, food, and sweets. In addition, avail the opportunity to explain to the prisoners the meaning of the holiday and the person represented thereby.
Currently, the most  distinguished feature in the prison ministry, is the transition to a state of internal organization especially in the biggest central prison which homes 7500 prisoners, and where the religious services to other sects are proceeding well.

A number of born-again prisoners from various religious back-grounds were appointed as assistants by the counselors.
These assistants register the names of the prisoners who desire to hear the message of the Gospel and urge them to proceed to the big hall before the sermon starts.

The counselors even succeeded in getting the permission of the central prison administration to provide those assistants with a special pass card that enables them to enter all prison cells in order to accomplish their mission.

As for the nature of the prison meetings, it resembles to a great extent the church meetings, in the fact that they start with prayers and worship.
Yet, the hymn which most of the prisoners prefer is the following;
He did not come to judge the world,
He did not come to blame;
He did not only come to seek,
It was to save He came.s





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