Prisoners' Families

It is always the children who pay the price !!!

As part of our ministry, the Evangelical Council goes beyond taking care of the prisoners themselves to reach out to their families wherever they reside.

Life is tough on them!  Notwithstanding their poverty especially those whose family breadwinner is the one behind bars, the social stigmatization
itself in the absence of much needed proper moral support has rendered them children at risk!

Our main objective is to bring those families to Christ and thus give them the opportunity of a better life – here and thereafter. Help them choose the right track lest they too end up in prison.  

We became very much involved with them through the Prison Ministry where our role, is to bring the message of Hope to the hopeless, Salvation in Jesus Christ to the sentenced convict, and Christ’s love to those who never knew the meaning of the word. 
Yet, our ministry extends beyond the prisoners themselves to reach their families and their children.



Babies in Prison


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